Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Customizing System Appearance

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Customizing your Windows 10 system appearance couldn't be easier. Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to adjust many of the system properties to suit your personal working style. During this course, you will begin by learning how to customize your start menu. Then you will learn how to activate and use tablet mode. From there, download and customize themes for your Windows system and desktop. Use and manage notifications in the action center. Customize your desktop background, accent colors display options, task bar, and notification area. Set the date and time. Set sound alerts. Add and remove tool bars and screen savers. Finally, activate and adjust your desktop and folder icons.

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Lesson Objectives

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Customizing System Appearance

  • activate Windows 10 Tablet mode
  • use Windows 10 Tablet mode
  • customize your Windows 10 Start menu
  • organize your Windows 10 Start menu applications
  • customize your Windows 10 theme
  • download and install Windows 10 desktop themes
  • customize the Windows 10 taskbar
  • customize the Windows 10 notification area
  • use the Windows 10 Action Center
  • manage notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center
  • use Windows 10 Focus Assist
  • configure Windows 10 Focus Assist
  • change your Windows 10 desktop background
  • customize your Windows 10 background and accent colors
  • customize your Windows 10 display options
  • activate your default Windows 10 desktop icons
  • customize your desktop icons in Windows 10
  • change a folder icon in Windows 10
  • add and remove toolbars in Windows 10
  • customize your sound alerts in Windows 10
  • adjust your time and date settings in Windows 10
  • manage your time zone in Windows 10
  • turn on a screensaver for Windows 10
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