EMC ISM v2: Remote Replication and Cloud Computing

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This course covers synchronous and asynchronous remote replication modes. It also focuses on host-based, array-based, and network-based remote replication technologies. Further, it details three-site remote replication, data migration solutions, and remote replication and migration in a virtualized environment. It also focuses on the essential characteristics of cloud computing, cloud services and deployment models, and cloud computing infrastructure. It covers the challenges of cloud computing and cloud adoption considerations. This course is part of a series that cover the objectives for EMC Proven Professional certification exam E10-001 Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2.

Target Audience
Experienced IT professionals who wish to be or currently are responsible for information storage or for planning, designing, deploying, managing, or leveraging information infrastructure

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

EMC ISM v2: Remote Replication and Cloud Computing

  • label various remote replication technologies
  • identify characteristics of synchronous and asynchronous remote replication
  • identify characteristics of three-site replication solutions
  • identify the benefits of array-to-array VM migration
  • distinguish between three EMC remote replication products
  • recognize strategies for implementing a remote replication solution
  • identify essential cloud characteristics
  • recommend a cloud deployment model that suits a given organization
  • identify challenges of cloud adoption
  • identify questions an organization should ask when considering cloud adoption
  • describe Vblock
  • determine the best cloud models for given individuals or organizations to adopt
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