Hazardous Materials and Spills in the Workplace

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This course discusses proper handling of chemicals in the workplace and actions that can be taken to protect the workers, the public, and the environment. It also covers the roles and responsibilities of those responding to events involving hazardous materials. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. The course was developed and reviewed with subject matter support provided by certified subject matter experts and industry professionals. Please note, the course materials and content were current with the laws and regulations at the time of the last expert review, however, they may not reflect the most current legal developments. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation with respect to compliance with legal statutes or requirements.

Target Audience
Regular hazardous waste site workers and managers

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Hazardous Materials and Spills in the Workplace

  • Hazardous Materials and Spills in the Workplace
  • identify characteristics of hazardous materials
  • recognize situations when spills are most likely to occur
  • Knowledge Check: Hazardous Materials
  • identify potential outcomes of a hazardous material release
  • Knowledge Check: Potential Outcomes
  • distinguish between the roles and responsibilities of personnel who respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials
  • Knowledge Check: Roles and Responsibilities
  • identify possible responses to a release of hazardous material
  • Knowledge Check: Response Capabilities
  • identify the primary and secondary goals of spill control
  • Knowledge Check: Goals of Spill Control
  • identify definitions of the terms "containment" and "confinement"
  • identify the factors that influence how spills are controlled
  • identify actions to take as part of the recommended procedures for spill and leak response
  • Knowledge Check: Response Procedures
  • identify the proper steps to contain hazardous spills
  • Knowledge Check: Containment
  • identify confinement methods for liquids
  • identify confinement methods for gases and vapors
  • identify confinement methods for solids
  • Knowledge Check: Confinement
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