Safe Work Practices (Update Available)

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This course provides information about day-to-day safe work practices and working safely with equipment and hazardous materials. The intent of the course is to enable the learner to identify those practices that must be followed that will either eliminate or minimize the potential for injury from workplace hazards. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. Learner objectives are to define the purpose of safe work practices, identify the assessment tools used to identify workplace hazards, define job safety analysis (JSA), its methods, and steps, define job safety analysis control methods and specify the effectiveness and limitations of each method, recognize workplace inspection components and procedures, identify housekeeping practices for work areas, identify safe work practices for hand and portable power tools, identify safe work practices for clothing and attire, identify safe work practices for coal handling, identify safe work practices for hoisting equipment, and identify safe work practices for forklifts or other self-powered lifts.

Target Audience
All persons who work in either the industrial work environment or administrative areas

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Lesson Objectives

Safe Work Practices (Update Available)

  • describe the underlying belief of a safety program that is geared toward prevention
  • recognize how workplace hazards are identified
  • identify hazard control methods and their preferred order of implementation to minimize hazards
  • define how hazard control methods work
  • identify the steps involved in conducting a job safety analysis (JSA)
  • identify characteristics of formal and informal workplace inspections
  • identify components of a prejob briefing
  • identify good housekeeping practices in various types of work environments
  • identify safe work practices applicable to hand and power tools
  • identify safe work practices for clothing and attire
  • identify safe work practices for working with hoisting equipment
  • identify safe work practices for operating forklifts
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