Life, Health, and General Insurance

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Insurance is a form of risk management for individuals, families, and organizations, and even for insurers themselves through reinsurance. Life and health insurance companies offer their products so that the insured – the policyholders – can have peace of mind and protection from the inevitable consequences of life, such as personal injury, disability, health care costs, and death. This course presents a high-level view of key products and services associated with life, health care, long-term care, disability, and general insurance for individuals and organizations.

Target Audience
Financial services professionals, consultants, sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to insurance companies and banks, and everyone interested in knowing about insurance products, processes, and practices

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Life, Health, and General Insurance

  • recognize characteristics of life insurance
  • recognize categories of life insurance
  • recognize characteristics of health care insurance
  • recognize the types of health insurance products
  • describe characteristics of life and health care insurance
  • recognize characteristics of long-term care insurance
  • recognize characteristics of disability insurance
  • identify factors for disability income insurance coverage
  • recognize key concepts about general insurance
  • identify key concepts in annuities
  • identify key concepts of retirement plans
  • describe characteristics of long-term, disability, and general insurance
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