Using Intelligent Information Systems in AI

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The world of technology continues to transform at a rapid pace, with intelligent technology incorporated at every stage of the business process. Intelligent information systems (IIS) reduce the need for routine human labor and allow companies to focus instead on hiring creative professionals.

In this course, you'll explore the present and future roles of intelligent informational systems in AI development, recognizing the current demand for IIS specialists. You'll list several possible IIS applications and learn about the roles AI and ML play in creating them.

Next, you'll identify significant components of IIS and the purpose of these components. You'll examine how you would go about creating a self-driving vehicle using IIS components. Finally, you'll work with Python libraries to build high-level components of a Markov decision process.

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Lesson Objectives

Using Intelligent Information Systems in AI

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe the main features of intelligent systems and define the concept of IIS
  • recognize why IIS development is a growing field and specify where IIS development is in demand
  • list possible applications of intelligent information systems
  • identify the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in building IIS
  • list potential challenges and common problems when developing IIS
  • name the primary components of intelligent information systems and their purpose
  • outline the overall approach to building a self-driving vehicle as an IIS
  • describe the fundamental concepts behind a Markov decision process
  • demonstrate how to use the mdptoolbox library to describe how to set up a Markov Decision Process problem
  • outline how to set up a call to the ValueIteration method in the mdptoolbox to obtain the value and optimal policy vectors
  • set up a ValueIteration call and show its results
  • interpret the results of the ValueIteration call
  • name subsystems of a self-driving car IIS and specify their roles
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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