AI Framework Overview: Development Frameworks

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A working knowledge of multiple AI development frameworks is essential to AI developers. Depending on the particular focus, you may decide on a particular framework of your choice. However, various companies in the industry tend to use different frameworks in their products, so knowing the basics of each framework is quite helpful to the aspiring AI Developer.
In this course you will explore popular AI frameworks and identify key features and use cases. You will identify main differences between AI frameworks and work with Microsoft CNTK and Amazon SageMaker to implement model flow.

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Lesson Objectives

AI Framework Overview: Development Frameworks

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe AI Frameworks and their importance in the AI domain
  • describe types of AI framework
  • illustrate the importance of different frameworks in AI
  • describe Microsoft CNTK in AI
  • describe Keras in AI
  • describe Spark in AI
  • describe Amazon ML in AI
  • compare Microsoft CNTK with other frameworks
  • compare Keras with other frameworks
  • compare Spark with other frameworks
  • compare Amazon ML with other frameworks
  • illustrate modeling flow using Microsoft CNTK
  • illustrate modeling flow using Amazon SageMaker
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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