Mobile App Development: Coding the Behavior of an Android App

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In this course, you'll focus on defining the business logic of an Android application using the Kotlin language. You'll learn how to implement inheritance, convey messages between activities, and use imported libraries to retrieve and parse JSON data.

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Lesson Objectives

Mobile App Development: Coding the Behavior of an Android App

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • code the logic for an app's splash screen that includes directing a user to the main screen of the app
  • define a property to hold live foreign exchange data that is accessible to all Activities in your Android app
  • configure the Gradle build script of an Android project with the dependencies of your app
  • create a base Activity class that others can inherit in order to implement a common navigation pane
  • define the actions to be performed for the selection of each individual item in a navigation pane
  • initialize the main activity of your Android app and implement inheritance in the Kotlin language
  • use Kotlin libraries in order to issue HTTP requests and parse JSON data
  • write the code to load a series of values into a ListView widget
  • configure the launcher activity and define permissions for your Android application using its manifest file
  • launch your app in a virtual device emulator and verify its behavior
  • create an APK file that can be used to load your app onto a physical Android device
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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