Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium IDE

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If you want to use the Selenium IDE to create, manage, and execute different types of tests, you should be familiar with the features and functionalities of the IDE. In this course, you'll explore the essential features and components of the Selenium IDE. You'll examine Selenese commands, as well as Wait and Element Verification commands, that can be used in th Selenium IDE. Finally, you'll learn how to install and configure the IDE to create, execute, and manage different types of test executions using the record-and-playback functionality and Selenese commands.

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Lesson Objectives

Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium IDE

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recall the features of the Selenium IDE that make it a fast prototyping tool and recognize its essential components
  • install the Selenium IDE and create test cases using the record-and-playback functionality of Selenium IDE
  • configure the Selenium IDE Options Dialog Box and create and modify Selenese commands using the Editor
  • create and execute test scripts in Selenium IDE using the record-and-playback feature
  • list the set of Selenese commands that can be used in Selenium IDE to manipulate, examine, and verify the state of applications
  • create and execute test cases manually using Selenese commands in Selenium IDE
  • work with the Element Verification commands in Selenium IDE to improvise automation
  • work with Wait commands to test page loading using Selenium IDE
  • demonstrate test automation using the Selenium IDE to test modal and modeless dialogs for applications
  • create and manage customized Selenium user extensions in the Selenium IDE using JavaScript
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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