Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security: Implementing Mobile Device Management

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Discover how the Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature is used to help secure and manage mobile devices, as well as how to implement it, as you prepare for the MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security exam. Key concepts covered in this 18-video course include features and capabilities of MDM for Office 365 architecture; exploring the Office 365 Admin Center; how to activate the MDM service for Office 365; and how to activate and manage user identities. Next, learn how to create device security policies; use options for choosing a mobile device management or MDM authority; and configure enrollment for an iOS device and also for an Android device. You will learn the process of enrolling a Windows device after the MDM service has been enabled. Learners can explore the concept of device enrollment restrictions to allow one to restrict and block devices, set custom device type limit restrictions, and change the enrollment restriction policy priority. Finally, learn how to troubleshoot device enrollment and how to wipe and secure devices.

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Lesson Objectives

Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security: Implementing Mobile Device Management

  • discover the subject areas covered in this course
  • describe MDM for Office 365 architecture
  • list MDM for Office 365 features and capabilities
  • describe the Office 365 Admin Center
  • activate the MDM service
  • manage user identities
  • manage device security policies
  • set an MDM authority
  • configure enrollment for an iOS device
  • configure enrollment for an Android device
  • enroll a Windows device
  • work with default restrictions
  • set a custom device type restriction
  • set a custom device limit restriction
  • change the enrollment restriction priority
  • troubleshoot device enrollment
  • wipe a mobile device
  • secure and manage mobile devices
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