Security Programming: Command Line Essentials

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This 14-video course explores how to navigate a Linux command-line environment by showing learners how to use its most common tools, including text editing and processing, file monitoring and comparison, and package management. You will examine the common properties of the command line environment, including the bash shell, its properties, and the features of the PowerShell environment. This course next demonstrates how to perform text editing using commands such as nano; how to use the Linux EI library, Linux ED text editor; and text processing using commands such as sed awk, and cut. You will learn how to perform repeat actions, and the bash shell history, and perform process control tasks such as PS and kill. Then learn how to use the command line to schedule jobs, perform file and command monitoring, and perform file comparison using the diff command. Finally, this course demonstrates how to redirect the inputs and outputs of commands and files, and perform package management tasks by using the apt command.

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Lesson Objectives

Security Programming: Command Line Essentials

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe the common features and properties of command line environments
  • describe the command processing capabilities and environment of the Bash shell
  • describe the features and capabilities of the PowerShell environment
  • perform command line file editing with nano, vi, and ed
  • perform basic text processing with sed, awk, and cut, and describe their differences
  • repeat actions and view the command line using the bash history
  • perform process control tasks including ps and kill
  • schedule execution of tasks using a crontab
  • use the tail and watch commands for file and command monitoring
  • compare files using the diff command
  • redirect the inputs and outputs of commands and files
  • install, remove, and search packages using apt
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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