DevOps with Ansible: Working with Ansible Features

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Explore Ansible features such as Ansible Vault, modules, plugins, filters, patters, and command line tools.

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Lesson Objectives

DevOps with Ansible: Working with Ansible Features

  • use Ansible Vault to create an encrypted file
  • use Ansible modules in a playbook task
  • use the command, raw, and shell Ansible commands modules
  • use Ansible plugins such as lookup and inventory
  • use Ansible filters to format data
  • use Ansible patterns to target different hosts in the inventory
  • work with different command line tools available in Ansible
  • describe how Red Hat Ansible Tower can help automate network scaling
  • describe how to install Red Hat Ansible Tower
  • recognize how to use Ansible Tower views including Dashboard, Jobs, Schedules, and My View
  • recognize how to perform the role of administrator in Ansible Tower
  • use various Ansible features
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