DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Approaches

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This course explores DevOps, the practice of operations and development used by engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle. Learners will examine the Agile environment, where development takes an incremental approach to design and testing. You will explore differences between continuous testing and automation testing, the disadvantages of late testing, and common causes of technical debt. This course will examine tools used in continuous testing, including Katalon Studio, Selenium, Appium, Eggplant, and Testsigma. You will work with BDD (Behavior Driven Development), a test-first Agile testing practice, and learn its benefits for programs and release management. Next, learn about unit testing, the tools to use, and how to implement it. You will examine technical debt, the debt owed to the code to become quality code, and its main causes. Then you will learn to test Web Services and the reason for integration testing. Finally, you will learn to implement unit testing on Java by using its JUnit framework, and how to test REST (representational state transfer) web services by using the SoapUI protocol.

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Lesson Objectives

DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Approaches

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the challenges associated with an Agile environment and approaches for testing DevOps artifacts
  • describe continuous testing and compare continuous testing and test automation
  • list the disadvantages of late testing and describe shift left testing and how to implement it
  • describe the concept, types, and common causes of technical debt
  • recognize differences between unit testing, behavior driven development, and test driven development
  • describe the BDD-based Agile workflow that is applied in DevOps and list the benefits of BDD for programs and release management
  • describe tools that can be used to implement continuous testing and their features
  • describe unit testing, its essential elements, and the tools that can be used to implement it
  • implement unit testing for Java programs using JUnit, with focus on TestCase and TestSuite
  • test SOAP-based web services using the SOAP UI
  • recognize the role and features of integration testing
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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