DevOps Collaboration Tools: Tools for Continuous Integration

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This 13-video course explores DevOps tools used for collaboration, source code, repository management; and the tools used to implement DevOps pipelines. You will learn to set up Puppet, an open-source software configuration management tool, and to automate configuration management, implement, and utilize the flexibility afforded by infrastructure as code. Learners will explore artifact management by using JFrog Artifactory, a universal DevOps solution providing end-to-end automation and management of binaries and artifacts through the application delivery process that improves productivity across your development ecosystem. You will examine and compare the continuous integration tools used to build integration pipelines. This course demonstrates how to use Jenkins software to integrate and configure build and testing tools in order to create a DevOps pipeline that implicitly contains build and tests, and explore automated testing tools, including Selenium and Robot framework, TestComplete, Unified Function Test, or UFT, and IBM Rational Function Tester. Finally, you will explore configuration management tools, and learn to use the Puppet software environment for configuration management.

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Lesson Objectives

DevOps Collaboration Tools: Tools for Continuous Integration

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recall the prominent tools that are widely used to implement DevOps pipelines
  • set up Jira Confluence and integrate Slack and Bitbucket for team collaboration
  • recognize the need for source code management and list the essential features afforded by popular source code management tools
  • set up the Bitbucket environment for collaboration and code management
  • work with JFrog Artifactory to facilitate artifact management
  • list and compare the prominent continuous integration tools that can be used to build integration pipelines
  • install and set up Jenkins to build DevOps pipelines
  • recall the prominent tools that can be used to automate testing, along with their associated features
  • integrate build and testing tools in DevOps pipeline
  • recall the prominent configuration management tools, along with their associated features
  • set up Puppet environments for configuration management
  • recall source code management tools, list configuration management tools, and set up a Puppet environment for configuration management
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