Using Docker for DevOps: Configuring Docker for Continuous Delivery

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Explore Docker storage drivers, and how images and containers are stored and managed on a Docker host in this 11-video course, in which learners examine the differences between virtual machines (VMs), containers, and images, and explore Docker's reference architecture for continuous delivery. You will learn how to manage data volume using the Docker CLI (command-line interface); and how to classify VMs, containers, and images, as well as recall the benefits of customized images in DevOps. You will learn to use the Docker Compose tool to run multicontainer Docker applications. Since a container's capabilities depends on the host operating system, you will learn to specify the features of networking containers, and the defaulting networking providers for Docker. Learners work with Docker CLI to create and manage networks, and then learn how to install, configure, and build a project by using Docker Assemble. This course demonstrates how to set up a Docker Cluster by using Swarm for cluster-management and orchestration features. Finally, learners will explore a list of Docker's DevOps continuous delivery reference architectures.

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Lesson Objectives

Using Docker for DevOps: Configuring Docker for Continuous Delivery

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the features of various storage drivers provided by Docker
  • demonstrate how to manage data volumes using Docker the command line interface
  • classify virtual machines, containers, and images and recall the benefits of customizing images in DevOps
  • use the Compose tool to run multi-container Docker applications
  • describe the essential features of networking containers and list the default networks provided for Docker
  • use and work with Docker CLI commands to create and manage networks in Docker
  • install, configure, and build projects using Docker Assemble
  • set up Docker clusters using Swarm
  • list the prominent DevOps and continuous delivery reference architectures for Docker
  • describe the differences between virtual machines, containers, and images, manage data volumes, and create a network in Docker using Docker command line
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