DevOps Mindset: DevOps Implementation Using Tools

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This course explores how to create a DevOps mind-set by examining container-based and virtual machine-based deployment approaches to development, the benefits of container-based deployment, and Apache's Docker container management features. You will explore how Docker simplifies creating and deploying containers, running applications in the container, and its capability of default isolation. The 11-video course demonstrates how to implement a code repository, and continuous code building with Git, an open-source distributed version control system, and Apache Maven's build automation tool. You will learn to implement DevOps practice on the cloud by using AWS (Amazon Web Services) CodeDeploy to automate code deployments. You will implement CodeCommit, and learn how to set up and manage a code repository by using Git. Then learn to configure and use Jenkins to build pipelines for continuous integration deployment and monitoring. You will learn to implement Puppet's configuration management and deployment tool. Finally, this course examines how to implement Chef's configuration management tool.

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Lesson Objectives

DevOps Mindset: DevOps Implementation Using Tools

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the benefits of adopting a container-based deployment approach as compared to a VM-based approach
  • demonstrate the essential tasks involved in setting up and managing code repository using Git
  • recall the essential features afforded by Docker for container management and prominent Docker components
  • use Maven to implement continuous code build
  • implement code coverage and automated testing using SonarQube and prominent testing tools
  • implement DevOps practices in the cloud using CodeCommit and CodeDeploy
  • recognize the configuration management and orchestration capabilities provided by Puppet and Chef
  • demonstrate how to configure Jenkins and use it to build pipelines
  • work with Jenkins to implement DevOps pipeline for continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring
  • recall the benefits provided by a container-based deployment approach, configure Jenkins for building pipelines, and implement DevOps pipeline using Jenkins
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