Using Git for DevOps: Managing Conflict & Effectively Using Git Workflow

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This course explores Git, a tool that supports version control, and the capability of identifying and building different workflows for better collaboration and release management for DevOps. In the course's 12 videos, you will learn to implement remote repositories and how to build projects that have proper workflows. You will learn how to manage and track branches in remote repositories. Learners will study the concept of change integration, and will work with Git rebase and Git Merge to integrate changes from one branch to another. The course then examines workflow patterns, and integration branch, topic branch, fork, clone, and release branch workflows. Learners will study scenarios leading to merge conflict, and you will learn how to fix merge conflicts by editing conflicting files. You will use the merge tool to implement three-way merging; learn how to work with Sourcetree, a free Git desktop client for developers; and learn to manage repositories and workflows. This course explores all the essential features of Gitflow and GitHub flow, including how to manage workflow and branches.

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Lesson Objectives

Using Git for DevOps: Managing Conflict & Effectively Using Git Workflow

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • demonstrate the steps involved in managing and tracking branches in remote repositories
  • describe the concept of change integration and compare the differences between Git rebase and Git merge
  • work with Git merge and Git rebase to integrate changes from one branch to another
  • recall the prominent workflow patterns that can be used to integrate contributed works in a project and maintain overall workflow in the project
  • illustrate scenarios leading to merge conflict and the essential approaches that can be adopted to handle merge conflicts
  • demonstrate how to manage merge conflicts by editing conflicting files
  • implement three way merge using the merge tool
  • work with SourceTree to manage repositories and workflows
  • recall the essential features of GitFlow and GitHub Flow and recognize how they simplify branch management
  • manage Git workflows using GitFlow with a focus on managing feature branches
  • recall approaches for resolving merge conflicts, integrate changes from one branch to another using Git merge, and manage merge conflict by editing conflicting files
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