DevOps Automation: Delivery Mechanisms

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Explore the most prominent modern application delivery models in this 11-video course. Leaners encounter tools that can be used to implement automated deployment, along with their associated benefits, including the test automation workflow adopted in DevOps pipelines.  The course demonstrates steps involved in managing development and deployment artifacts, demonstrate how to automate build workflows by using Maven and Jenkins, and develop test automation frameworks. Learn the relationship and differences between Maven, a build tool, and Jenkins, an open-source continuous integration software tool.  Next, learn how to facilitate single source of truth—a concept used to ensure that everyone in an organization bases business decisions on the same data—when managing development and deployment of artifacts. Then study its three important elements: First, problems must be shared; second, work together to adopt a standard; and third, practice transparency, where everyone enjoys access to data and the ability to add. Other key concepts covered here include delivery models, minimum in-service deployment, traffic distribution, infrastructure automation, and functional automation.

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Lesson Objectives

DevOps Automation: Delivery Mechanisms

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify delivery models and describe the benefits of adopting modern delivery models and application delivery platforms
  • describe tools that can be used to automate builds and their benefits
  • automate build workflows using Maven and Jenkins
  • automate deployment using deployment workflows and describe the benefits of automated deployment
  • describe DevOps test automation workflows and the DevOps testing strategy
  • develop test automation frameworks from scratch
  • describe infrastructure automation and methods and tools that can be used to implement it
  • list DevOps tools that can be used to implement the functional and automation features of the DevOps workflow
  • recall the steps involved in implementing a "single source of truth", with focus on managing development and deployment artifacts
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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