Final Exam: Cloud Security Admin

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Final Exam: Cloud Security Admin will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Cloud Security Admin track of the Skillsoft Aspire Network Security Specialist to CloudOps Security Architect Journey.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Final Exam: Cloud Security Admin

  • classify various cloud deployment models
  • compare client-side and server-side encryption
  • compare credentials, passwords, and access keys
  • configure access keys and key pairs
  • configure network ACLs
  • configure security groups for Linux instances
  • configure the AWS CLI
  • configure the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service
  • create a BCDR plan
  • define AWS GuardDuty
  • define AWS SSO and AWS Cognito
  • define IAM and identify the importance of access control
  • define identification, authentication, and authorization for resources
  • define international standards like ISO/IEC 17788
  • define operations management
  • define performance monitoring
  • define the ISO/IEC 27017:2015 security techniques and code of practice
  • describe AWS Certificate Manager
  • describe AWS cryptography basics
  • describe AWS KMS
  • describe AWS Shield and AWS Inspector
  • describe AWS WAF
  • describe business continuity and disaster recovery
  • describe control types and categories
  • describe countermeasure strategies including uptime automation of controls and access controls
  • describe different cloud transition scenarios of functions
  • describe how a bastion host is used
  • describe how digital evidence operations functions
  • describe how dynamic operations in cloud work
  • describe ISO/IEC 27018 standard
  • describe root account security
  • describe the AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  • describe the importance of design in security operations
  • describe the risk in the perspective of the physical site and environment
  • describe the security data life cycle
  • design a secure virtual private cloud
  • Different technologies to secure data management
  • identify core AWS services
  • identify network functionality and technologies including SDN
  • identify the common threats in the cloud
  • identify the impact of clear communication and governance on process and activities
  • identify the importance of patch management operations
  • identify the potential risks in cloud
  • Importance of Privacy and different acts
  • Introduction to Data Security
  • list different types of audits and impact of requirement programs
  • list the best practices of enterprise operations
  • list the key regulations required to protect data center facilities
  • list the risks involved in a software-defined datacenter
  • match different models with security considerations
  • name different risk audit mechanisms
  • recognize how to secure the perimeter using key technologies
  • recognize the CIA triad
  • recognize the different concepts related to object storage and management plane
  • specify common threats to AWS
  • specify how business continuity management is planned
  • specify how e-discovery provided legal controls to the cloud service provider
  • Understand different Data policies and managing those policies
  • Understand DRM and its importance in the corporate scenario
  • Understand the classification of data and mechanisms to manage those
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