Final Exam: Apprentice Programmer

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Final Exam: Apprentice Programmer will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Apprentice Programmer track of the Skillsoft Aspire Web Programmer to Apprentice Programmer Journey.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Final Exam: Apprentice Programmer

  • articulate features of the Adapter pattern
  • compare and contrast the should and expect APIs in Chai
  • compare numeric values in tests
  • compare numeric values using Assert
  • configure different reporters in Mocha
  • configure fakes with specific behavior
  • create an object to be used in test cases
  • create stubs for object methods
  • define design patterns
  • define helper functions for the factory pattern
  • describe features of the Prototype pattern
  • describe how different data types can be tested using Should.js
  • describe how event handling works on the browser
  • describe the characteristics of the Command pattern
  • describe the characteristics of the Iterator pattern
  • describe the characteristics of the State pattern
  • describe the Fa├žade pattern
  • describe the Factory and abstract factory patterns
  • describe the key features of the constructor pattern
  • describe the Mixin pattern
  • describe the Module and Revealing Module patterns
  • describe the principles of good design
  • describe the Proxy pattern
  • describe the use of sandboxes for testing
  • determine whether objects are instances of other objects
  • identify principles of good design
  • illustrate inefficient memory usage for granular objects
  • implement private functions with the Module pattern
  • implement private variables with the Module pattern
  • implement publishers and subscribers
  • implement the Builder pattern
  • implement the Iterator mixin
  • implement the Prototype pattern
  • install and configure the Mocha testing environment
  • install Mocha and Sinon on your local machine
  • install the Chai library on your local machine
  • install the Unit.js assertion library
  • perform asynchronous tests using fakes with promises
  • perform pattern matching and substring checks using Should.js
  • prepare Mocha tests to run within a browser
  • recall characteristics of the Builder pattern
  • recall the basic principles of the Singleton pattern
  • recall the characteristics of the Composite pattern
  • recall the characteristics of the Flyweight pattern
  • recall the characteristics of the Mediator pattern
  • recall the different styles that can be used with the Should.js API
  • recall the key characteristics of the Observer pattern
  • recall the principles of the Decorator pattern
  • recognize the use of the beforeEach() and afterEach() hooks in tests
  • run basic assertions using Must.js
  • run Mocha tests in a browser
  • set up helpers for the Decorator pattern
  • set up the Mediator as a workflow object
  • use assertions to test boolean values
  • use fakes to record function invocations
  • use Mixins in the Underscore.js library
  • use Object.create() and new Object() to create objects
  • use sandboxes to simplify testing
  • use the literal object notation to construct objects
  • work with arrays and array elements
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