FSD Front-end Development: Server Tools

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Javascript web development requires a supporting architecture, and Node provides the back-end support that most front-end development code needs. In this 12-video course, learners will explore Node Package Manager (NPM), a tool that installs supporting software for most front-end development for full stack development. To begin, NodeJSJSON package configuration will be downloaded and installed and the command NPM init will be used to create a package .json file; then a simple NodeJS server will be built. You will learn about the importance of the HTTP module and how to use Node's NPM to install a package, Express, then add routes and accept parameters with Express. Next, learn how to modularize the application with JS Files by decomposing the app with Node modules, and then implement controllers to handle the logic. In a further tutorial, you will continue working with Node.js by learning how to work with the host file system. Finally, you will discover how to work with MySQL database using Node and retrieve records. In the closing exercise, learners will build a simple NodeJS server.

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Lesson Objectives

FSD Front-end Development: Server Tools

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • download and install NodeJS
  • use npm init to create a package.json file
  • build a simple server
  • recognize the importance of the HTTP module
  • use npm to install Express
  • add routes and accept parameters using Express
  • decompose the app using Node modules
  • implement controllers to handle logic
  • work with the host file system
  • configure MySQL and retrieve records
  • build a simple NodeJS server
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