FSD Front-end Development: Features of HTML5 & CSS3

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In this 13-video course, learners can explore the new features of HTML5 and CSS3 that can be used to make development easier and provide a better user experience, as well as where and when these features may be applied. Begin by examining the role that HTML forms play in Full Stack Development (FSD), then looking at local storage options on the client. Learn what web workers are and how to configure them, and also the stages in the service worker lifecycle. Examine web sockets and the need for persistent communication with the server. Learn how to implement Server Sent Notifications (SSN) using NodeJS. Then explore layouts, working with columns, widths, and sizes, and CSS Flexbox, by applying flex directives to styles. Next, take a look at the various selectors in CSS, then styling forms by choosing appropriate styling for form development, and finally, how to use app-specific rules, or media queries, to make your web page responsive. The exercise involves designing a popular three-column webpage layout format.

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Lesson Objectives

FSD Front-end Development: Features of HTML5 & CSS3

  • apply newer HTML5 and CSS3 features to enhance a web page
  • examine the role that forms play in FSD
  • identify all the storage options on the client
  • configure a web worker
  • identify the stages in the service worker life cycle
  • recognize the need for persistent communication with the server
  • implement SSN using NodeJS
  • work with columns, widths, and sizes
  • apply flex directives to styles
  • compare the various selectors in CSS
  • choose appropriate styling for form development
  • apply media queries to make page responsive
  • design a popular three column webpage layout format
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