JDBC: An Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

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Before getting your hands dirty with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), it is important to recognize its purporse and the options it has to offer - and this is exactly what this course provides. It first lays a theoretical foundation in terms of the need for JDBC, the various pieces which come together to let your app connect to a database, as well as their features and use cases. You will cover topics such as JDBC drivers, JDBC objects such as Statement , ResultSet, and RowSet, and then connect a Java app to a database.

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Lesson Objectives

JDBC: An Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe the role of JDBC and JDBC drivers in enabling interactions between a Java app and a database
  • identify the different JDBC objects that enable a Java app to work with a database, and recall the roll played by each of them
  • recognize the role played by a ResultSet in navigating over and modifying the contents of tabular data
  • recall the specific types of RowSets available in JDBC and their specific features and use cases
  • describe the role of batch updates and transactions when working with JDBC
  • download and install MySQL and the MySQL Workbench tool
  • write a Java app that connects to a database using JDBC
  • configure a Java app to use a JDBC driver when connecting to a database
  • set up a Maven project to work with a JDBC driver
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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