JDBC: RowSet

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The JDBC RowSet offers the same functionality as a ResultSet with several useful additional features. This course involves a number of demos covering different RowSet types. You will explore the features of the JdbcRowSet which is a type of connected RowSet and is similar to a ResultSet. You will then cover different flavors of disconnected RowSets - from the CachedRowSet and the WebRowSet to performing offline joins using the JoinRowSet and filtering rows using the FilteredRowSet.

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Lesson Objectives

JDBC: RowSet

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • compare and contrast a JdbcRowSet and ResultSet
  • perform scrolling and navigation over the contents of a JdbcRowSet
  • update the contents of a SQL table through a JdbcRowSet
  • use a CachedRowSet to work with a data while disconnected from the database
  • recognize the limitations of working with a disconnected RowSet such as a CachedRowSet
  • manipulate the contents of a CachedRowSet and push the updates to the underlying database table
  • perform an offline join of two tables using a JoinRowSet
  • update the contents of a SQL table through a JoinRowSet
  • define a Predicate class that sets up a filter for a FilteredRowSet
  • apply a Predicate instance to a FilteredRowSet to get it to include only data that fulfils the condition defined in the Predicate
  • recognize the types of updates that can be performed on a FilteredRowSet
  • describe the features offered by a WebRowSet
  • recall how a WebRowSet records modifications to its contents
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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