Configuring Windows 10 Devices: Universal Windows Apps

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Windows 10 introduces a whole new type of application based on its Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Discover the Windows 10 App model, universal apps, Windows Store features, sideloading, and Edge Explore and IE 11 compatibility.

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Lesson Objectives

Configuring Windows 10 Devices: Universal Windows Apps

  • describe the Windows 10 app model
  • describe Windows 10 application model
  • describe what is wrong with classic apps
  • describe the Windows 10 API story
  • describe the characteristics of universal apps
  • describe the new universal Windows application platform
  • describe Windows store features
  • compare store surfaces
  • describe how the business store works
  • describe line of business apps
  • implement installing Windows apps
  • describe SideLoading
  • manage Windows apps
  • describe why a new browser is needed
  • describe IE 11 compatibility
  • enable sideloading
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