Server 2016: Networking: DNS Zones & Records

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Examine options for DNS zone creation and management in Windows Server 2016 to provide name resolution on a network.

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Server 2016: Networking: DNS Zones & Records

  • create primary DNS zones
  • configure Active Directory integration of primary zones
  • configure secure dynamic updates
  • create and configure secondary zones
  • create and configure stub zones
  • configure a DNS zone delegation
  • configure a GlobalNames zone
  • create and configure DNS Resource Records (RR), including A, AAAA, PTR, SOA, NS, SRV, CNAME, and MX records
  • configure zone scavenging
  • configure record options, including Time To Live (TTL) and weight
  • configure DNS round robin
  • use DNS audit and query events for auditing and troubleshooting your DNS zones
  • configure unknown record support
  • configure DNS zone scopes and records
  • configure policies for zones
  • configure DNS zone support
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