Docker for Java Microservices: Working with Docker Components

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Explore Docker container concepts and capabilities and learn how to build containers for microservices.

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Lesson Objectives

Docker for Java Microservices: Working with Docker Components

  • describe container management using Docker and compare it with virtual machines
  • list the benefits of containerization using Docker with appropriate use cases
  • describe the typical Docker workflow to realize the benefit of containers
  • demomstrate how to create, start, bind, and stop Docker container using Java
  • use CLI commands to manage Docker container and images
  • illustrate the architecture of Docker used to deploy and manage Java microservices
  • work with the various file formats used in Docker and Java API to manage Docker
  • build and configure Docker components using Dockerfile
  • build REST services with Java to manage Docker container lifecycle
  • set up and configure a network to facilitate container communication
  • set up and configure a user defined network bridge
  • describe the image structure of Docker and illustrate the topology of Docker images
  • build Docker images to provision as development and other staging environment
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