Updating to Server 2019: Windows Server Installations

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This 13-video course explores how to plan, prepare, and install Windows Server 2019. You will examine considerations for purchasing, licensing, and costs for an appropriate version of Windows Server 2019 for an organization. You will learn how to plan for hardware requirements and roles that will be installed on the server. You will examine a list of common server functionalities for most organizations, and how to determine server configurations. This course then demonstrates how to perform a clean installation and in-place upgrade. Learners will observe how to install Windows Server to MS Azure, then examine a Cluster OS Rolling Upgrade, which allows upgrading of cluster nodes to a new operating system, and examine migrations to Windows Server. This course continues by exploring license conversion when upgrading, which is done through a command and license key. You will learn how to perform an installation of Windows Server 2019 in the Server Core configuration. Finally, learners will observe how to perform various post upgrade tasks, including version confirmation, and checking application compatibility.

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Lesson Objectives

Updating to Server 2019: Windows Server Installations

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe how to purchase, choose the proper edition of, and license Windows Server 2019
  • describe how to plan for server hardware and list hardware requirements
  • recognize how to plan server roles prior to installing Windows Server 2019
  • perform a clean install of Windows Server 2019
  • perform an In-place Upgrade to Windows Server 2019
  • describe when to perform a Cluster OS Rolling Upgrade
  • describe considerations when performing migrations to Windows Server 2019
  • describe license conversion
  • install Server Core
  • install Windows Server 2019 on Azure
  • perform post upgrade tasks such as confirming the version and checking application compatibility
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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