Excel with Python: Constructing Data Visualizations

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This course explores how to use Python's openpyxl library to build visualizations such as line, bar, and bubble charts in Excel. In its 11 videos, you will examine how Python and its ecosystem of libraries are fast emerging as a popular choice for easy spreadsheet automation, before learning how to create line and bar charts in Excel, and learning how to use Python to control several properties of those charts, including line weights and style, data for the reference axes, formatting, and the position of ticks on those axes. Learners will observe how to construct data visualizations in Excel using Python. This course then demonstrates common types of visualizations that are supported in Excel, and how to programmatically replicate those visualizations from within Python. Finally, learners will observe demonstrations of the use of bubble charts to display three dimensions on a two-dimensional chart as well as stock charts to represent the opening, high, low, and closing prices of stocks in a single data visualization for the financial markets.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel with Python: Constructing Data Visualizations

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • use Microsoft Excel to visualize data
  • use openpyxl to construct visualizations in Excel workbooks
  • tweak the title, formatting, and legend of a graph
  • alter the data displayed on the axes of a graph
  • alter the weight and line style of data series to customize the appearance of a visualization
  • construct and modify bar chart visualizations in Excel
  • use openpyxl to build different types of bar charts programmatically
  • plot financial data containing open, high, low, close, and volume information about stock prices
  • use bubble charts to represent three dimensions of data in a two dimensional visualization
  • summarize the key concepts in this course
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