Functions in Python: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Python Functions

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This 13-video course offers learners an in-depth exploration of Python functions, by focusing on nuances such as argument passing by value and reference, and local and global variables. In this course, you will examine how functions are first-class citizens in Python, as with other data types. You will examine how Python allows functions to be stored in variables, passed into other functions as arguments, and returned from functions as return values. Next, you will learn how to identify and apply differences between parsing arguments by value and reference. Examine how Python treats functions on par with other data types, a key attribute of a program seeking to support the functional programming paradigm; and learn how to work with use and throw functions by using lam das. This course then covers how lightweight functions for one-off use called lambda functions or anonymous functions play an important role in keeping Python code both succinct and readable. Finally, you will learn how to appropriately choose between local and global variables for use in your program.

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Lesson Objectives

Functions in Python: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Python Functions

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • specify global and local variables in Python
  • recall what it means to pass arguments by value
  • recall what it means to pass arguments by reference
  • work with the math and os modules in Python
  • work with the random and datetime modules in Python
  • pass functions as input arguments to other functions
  • work with functions that accept any number of arguments
  • return functions from other functions
  • define and invoke lambda functions
  • define, invoke, and discard lambdas
  • use lamdas as an input to the built-in filter() function
  • describe global and local variable characteristics, argument passing techniques, first-class functions, and lambdas
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