EAI Paterns: Message Routing Pattern Implementation

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Explore message routing patterns and the practical implementation of CBR, dynamic routing, and splitter and aggregator patterns. Identifying appropriate implementation scenarios for routing patterns is also covered.

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Lesson Objectives

EAI Paterns: Message Routing Pattern Implementation

  • describe message routing patterns that can be implemented to manage message destination discovery
  • describe the essential elements of XPath
  • implement the XPath splitter pattern
  • list essential characteristics of and implementation scenarios for content-based routing
  • implement CBR using ServiceMix, Camel, and Kafka
  • describe the benefits of dynamic router and scenarios for realizing those benefits
  • describe features of recipient list that can help forward messages to a list of recipients in a single transmission
  • implement recipient list patterns
  • recall the typical use cases of implementing splitter, aggregator, and resequencer patterns
  • implement the splitter pattern using Kafka
  • implement the aggregator pattern using Kafka streams
  • specify the benefits of and scenarios for implementing the routing slip pattern
  • implement the routing slip pattern using Camel and Kafka
  • demonstrate the approaches of implementing the scatter-gather pattern
  • implement the splitter, aggregator, and resequencer patterns using Kafka
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