iOS 12 Development: Working With Data and Gestures

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iOS 12 apps often need to manage data and touch-based user interaction. Explore using tables, how to use application settings to manage data, and how to respond to touch-based interaction and gestures in an iOS app.

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iOS 12 Development: Working With Data and Gestures

  • create and configure a scene that can display tabular data
  • configure a data source to provide data to a table view
  • configure a delegate to handle table view events and requests
  • implement grouping for iOS table views
  • detect taps on UIKit elements using a tap gesture recognizer
  • detect touches based on more than one finger
  • detect swipe gestures in an iOS app
  • work directly with touch events in an iOS app
  • configure how to receive updates when an iOS device has changed orientation
  • specify and save settings for an iOS application
  • retrieve saved settings for an iOS application
  • create and manage table-based data in iOS
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