Vue.js: Component Communication & Routing

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This course continues exploring Vue.js, a JavaScript front-end framework that is lightweight, flexible, progressive, and easy to set up for creating apps. In this 16-video course, learners see how to perform client-side routing, how to apply styling, and examine several approaches to styling in Vue apps. You will learn to assign and reassign both class and style bindings to the app elements. Next, the course demonstrates how to use CSS pre-processes, and to bind two CSS styles and classes in an app. You will learn how to create and use routes in a Vue app. You will learn to write programmatically, and how to create routes that can accept dynamic parameters. Learners see how to use Veux, a state management pattern and library in Vue, and how to work with remote APIs (application programming interface) using the Axios HTTP client service. Finally, you will see how to stop a bay from loading initially, and stop navigation away from a page by using route guards.

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Lesson Objectives

Vue.js: Component Communication & Routing

  • discover the subject areas covered in this course
  • use style and class binding in Vue
  • bind to CSS styles in a Vue app dynamically
  • bind to CSS classes in a Vue app dynamically
  • use CSS preprocessing in a Vue app
  • install the vue-router and configure routing in a Vue app
  • use the router-view directive to render routed components
  • use router-link to trigger routing in a Vue app
  • trigger route navigation programmatically in a Vue app
  • create routes that accept dynamic parameters
  • configure a route to pass parameters as props
  • use multiple router-view elements in a Vue app
  • assign names to router-views and display multiple views at once
  • stop a page from loading using a route guard
  • stop navigation away from a page using a route guard
  • define and use client side routing in a Vue app
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