Scrum Sprint: Review

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Explore the key elements needed to conduct a successful sprint review in a Scrum framework in this 11-video course. The sprint review provides an opportunity to demonstrate the latest increment of finished work to the product owner and key stakeholders, and allows you to collect feedback and determine whether the increment of work meets requirements is considered done. You will examine team roles and responsibilities, how to inspect the increment of work, and how to avoid common mistakes. This course examines the product backlog, how it is adapted, and reasons why it may be continually reprioritized. Then observe how to identify the participants in a sprint review: the product owner, Scrum master, and Scrum team. You will learn the duties of the Scrum master, including facilitating the review as a servant leader, clarifying the responsibilities of each role, and assisting with time management, and how to help the team avoid mistakes. Finally, you will examine what success looks like for the product and for the team.

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Lesson Objectives

Scrum Sprint: Review

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the purpose of Sprint Review within the Scrum framework
  • recognize the key elements associated with the Sprint Review
  • identify the participants of the Sprint Review
  • recall the process of demonstrating the product increment
  • recognize how stakeholder feedback is elicited
  • describe the process of adapting the product backlog
  • describe the expanded topics of the Sprint Review
  • describe guidelines for conducting an effective Sprint Review meeting
  • recognize common mistakes of Sprint Reviews
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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