Scrum Master: Sprint Goals & Planning

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Learners can explore the fundamentals of sprint planning, and how sprint planning uses consensus and estimation techniques to define a measurable sprint goal for the product owner, team, and stakeholders, in this 11-video course. You will learn how to define the sprint goal, a shared vision written by all members of the team, before exploring how the development team decides what can realistically be delivered in this next increment of work, and how the work will be achieved. Next, you will examine the Definition of Done, that it is created by team consensus, and that it should be specific. You will learn several techniques to estimate the sprint backlog. You will examine how to conduct an effective sprint planning meeting. This course examines the role of the Scrum master in planning a sprint meeting, ensuring that Scrum and Agile best practices are followed, and the team can maintain a sustainable pace of work. Finally, this course explores common sprint planning mistakes, and the role of the Scrum master in avoiding mistakes.

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Lesson Objectives

Scrum Master: Sprint Goals & Planning

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the purpose of Sprint planning within the Scrum framework
  • recognize the key elements associated with Sprint planning
  • recognize what Sprint goals are and why they are required
  • describe the guidelines for defining Sprint goals
  • define the term Done to validate fulfillment of Sprint goal
  • define increment in the context of Sprint goals
  • describe techniques for estimating the Sprint backlog
  • describe guidelines for conducting an effective Sprint planning meeting
  • recognize common mistakes of Sprint planning
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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