Developing Azure and Web Services: Azure Services

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Azure has some built-in functionality that can be very powerful when creating scalable distributed apps. Explore Azure SDK and emulators, the Azure Service Bus, and Service Bus queues.

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Developing Azure and Web Services: Azure Services

  • install and configure the Azure SDK and Emulator
  • describe the Azure Cloud Service Roles and environment
  • host a web app in Azure
  • compare the features and benefits of self-hosting versus hosting on Azure
  • describe the Azure Service Bus, namespaces, and the Service Bus relay
  • describe the request-response relay pattern
  • create a relay endpoint using a Service Bus namespace
  • use NuGet to install the WCF bindings to support using the WCF service in a relay
  • create an Azure WCF Relay sender and a WCF Relay receiver
  • describing Azure Service Bus queues and brokering
  • setting up an Azure Service Bus queue
  • create a new Azure Service queue using C#
  • use duplicate detection to prevent messages being sent more than once
  • send a message using the QueueClient class
  • receive a message using the QueueClient class
  • use sessions to group messages and assign dedicated receivers
  • describe the Azure service bus queues and how they can be used for message handling
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