Developing Azure and Web Services: Advanced Deployment

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Deploying a web app to a cluster of servers or to Azure requires careful planning and execution. Explore deployment management for IIS and Azure.

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Lesson Objectives

Developing Azure and Web Services: Advanced Deployment

  • describe the benefits and principles of continuous delivery
  • configure continuous delivery using Team Foundation Service and Git
  • configure web deployment parameters using web config files
  • use Shared Assemblies to reduce startup time of multiple hosted services
  • configure Share Assembly bindings between MVC 4 and MVC 5
  • describe how the rolling upgrade works for upgrading domains on Azure
  • use the Visual Studio Web Deployment options to deploy web apps
  • create an IIS Web Deployment package
  • use IIS Manager to import and deploy an IIS Web Deployment package
  • deploy web apps using the command line tool MSDeploy
  • deploy web apps using PowerShell
  • deploy a web or service application to Azure
  • deploy a web app to Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS)
  • configure WCF Endpoints for secure deployment on Azure using HTTPS
  • create and use a staging environment on Azure for testing
  • deploying and managing deployments on the Azure Cloud
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