ASP.NET MVC Web Applications: State & Configuration Management

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Explore how to configure application states in ASP.NET Core, as well as design and implement web socket strategies. You'll also work with designing effective configuration management solutions.

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ASP.NET MVC Web Applications: State & Configuration Management

  • configure middleware to enable sessions and application states in ASP.NET Core
  • define essential Web socket strategies
  • enable web socket features in an Azure Web App instance
  • manage various configuration sources, including XML, JSON, and INI files
  • manage essential environment variables
  • use the Environment Variables Configuration Provider to configure environment variables
  • use option objects in ASP.NET core
  • use File Configuration Provider to configure various types of files such as INI, JSON, and XML
  • manage sensitive configurations
  • subscribe to runtime configuration changes
  • implement a custom configuration source
  • use the Azure Key Vault to secure configurations
  • use the Secret Manager tool during development to eradicate code secrets for configuration values
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