HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: Styling HTML5 & JavaScript

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Gain an in-depth perspective in styling HTML5, as well as how to work with JavaScript and its various implementations.

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Lesson Objectives

HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: Styling HTML5 & JavaScript

  • recognize how to further manipulate elements by using transform, show, and hide methods
  • recognize CSS inheritance
  • recognize compatibility versions and the role of JavaScript in web page development
  • define the basic syntax of JavaScript including variables and arrays
  • define the DOM including the JavaScript's operators and math objects
  • recognize the JavaScript variables and the process of establishing their scope
  • define JavaScript conditional statements and how to use them
  • define Loops in JavaScript and how to use them
  • recognize JavaScript objects and methods
  • recognize the purpose of using JavaScript implementations
  • recognize the inline and external JavaScript implementations and why to use them
  • recognize more styling principles with HTML5 and the use of JavaScript with HTML5
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