HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: HTML5 & Javascript

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Dive deeper in HTML5 as we demonstrate the functionality of JavaScript, including integrations, validations, and form creation.

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Lesson Objectives

HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: HTML5 & Javascript

  • recognize OOP principles and apply them to JavaScript
  • recognize how to use the HTML5 canvas and SVG graphics
  • recognize how to use prototypes to implement inheritance
  • recognize how to create custom objects and their methods
  • create a basic layout container to fulfill the objective for the exam
  • demonstrate the process of creating a form
  • validate user input using JavaScript
  • validate user input using HTML5 form attributes
  • recognise the various input attributes that we can utilize to collect user inputs
  • define the use of encapsulation in JavaScript
  • create and use a JavaScript object and use form validation for data entry
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