Advanced Querying in Java Hibernate

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The Hibernate Query Language enables advanced querying of Hibernate data objects, including detailed searches across multiple tables, classes, joins, and selects. In this course, you'll explore advanced HQL querying, manipulation of SQL databases and data structures, and debugging and improving performance in Java Hibernate.

Target Audience
Java developers who wish to use Hibernate ORM


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Lesson Objectives

Advanced Querying in Java Hibernate

  • start the course
  • apply aggregations and projections to a query within a database in Java Hibernate
  • externalize HML by using annotations or an external XML file in Java Hibernate
  • use advanced querying in Hibernate and databases
  • perform Hibernate Query Language (HQL) queries and searches across multiple classes, joins, and multiple selects
  • use Hibernate Criteria queries as inputs to other queries, in order to construct DetachedCriteria using Restrictions and Projections
  • use Hibernate's Criteria query API and conditional logic to conduct detailed data searches and queries across multiple tables
  • call a Hibernate stored procedure by creating a NamedQuery and using IN and OUT parameters
  • use a basic, composite, or foreign key ID to manage XML identity mapping in Java Hibernate
  • enable SQL commenting in Java Hibernate for table creation and search queries
  • use Java-based methods to arrange search results from a database using Hibernate
  • create a many-to-many relationship using @JoinTable annotation in Java Hibernate
  • set up a many-to-many relationship in Hibernate
  • set up the @Transient annotation within Java Hibernate
  • debug exception messages within Java Hibernate
  • improve the overall performance of Java Hibernate
  • improve the Query performance within Java Hibernate
  • use the immutability feature of Java Hibernate to make objects in your database read-only
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