Junior Level LPIC-1 Exam 102: Customize and Use the Linux Shell Environment

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The Linux shell is completely scriptable, giving great flexibility to administration through the command-line. Scripts can contain loops and conditional statements. There are a number of standard open-source database systems available for Linux that use Structured Query Language, or SQL. This course covers basic and advanced script creation, and database programming using SQL. This course is part of a series that prepares the learner for CompTIA Linux+ exam LX0-102 and Linux Professional Institute (LPI) LPIC-1 Junior Level Administrator exam 102.

Target Audience
Administrators who are rolling out and supporting Linux in the enterprise; individuals seeking internationally recognized, distribution-neutral Linux certification.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Junior Level LPIC-1 Exam 102: Customize and Use the Linux Shell Environment

  • sequence the steps to write a shell script
  • recognize how to run a script
  • write and test a simple script in Bash
  • recognize how to work with global and user profiles in Linux
  • recognize how to assign a value to a variable
  • describe special variable references
  • describe the elements of a looping statement
  • identify the case statement to use in a given scenario
  • identify the if statement to use in a given scenario
  • recognize how to test file properties
  • recognize how to combine test commands
  • recognize how to assign script permissions
  • recognize how to use common SQL commands
  • write and test an advanced script in BASH
  • use common SQL commands
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