Unix OS Fundamentals: Security

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One of the things that makes Unix so popular is its sophisticated security features. System administrators can exert precise controls over Unix systems, both locally (workstation) and remotely (network and Internet). This course demonstrates how Unix system security works, including file permissions and folder security, Unix kernel tuning, CRON security, the prevention of anonymous shutdown, and the Unix password system.

Target Audience
Individuals and companies who want to get a thorough grounding in Unix principles and operation


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Unix OS Fundamentals: Security

  • start the course
  • describe the role of users in Unix file system security
  • describe the role of groups in Unix file system security
  • set file permissions in Unix
  • set directory permissions in Unix
  • mount and unmount file systems, and control automount in Unix systems
  • describe basic configuration and security considerations for modifying Unix systems
  • harden a Unix system against specific network attacks including improving randomization of TCP sequence numbers, managing TCP timeouts, managing ARP caches, and disabling ICMP features
  • recognize the features of a buffer overflow attack and how they are mitigated
  • describe the security implications of jobs scheduled using cron
  • describe restriction of shutdown access, when to allow and when to disallow it, and how to disable it
  • describe where and how passwords are stored in Unix
  • recognize the encryption protocols used to protect passwords in Unix
  • describe the options to administer passwords and user accounts in Unix
  • describe the built-in accounts in a Unix system and when to disable them
  • create files in Unix
  • delete files in Unix
  • copy and move files in Unix and describe the difference between the two operations
  • describe permissions in Unix
  • set user and group permissions on a Unix system
  • understand Unix security
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