Unix OS Fundamentals: Network Administration

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A standout feature of Unix is its sophisticated network administration. Administrators can exert precise controls over Unix systems, both locally (workstation) and remotely (network and Internet). This course is an overview of Unix network administration, including TCP/IP networking, implementing DHCP and DNS, using Unix with Apache server, and file sharing with Network File System, or NFS, and Samba.

Target Audience
Individuals and companies who want to get a thorough grounding in Unix principles and operation


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Unix OS Fundamentals: Network Administration

  • start the course
  • configure a network interface using the ifconfig command
  • resolve host names to UP addresses in Unix systems
  • describe the structure of an IP address and how it facilitates routing
  • use the route command to create routes in the routing table of a Unix system
  • configure network information to automatically populate at boot time on a Unix system
  • describe daemons and services in Unix
  • configure a Unix DHCP client and server
  • describe DNS and BIND in Unix
  • configure a DNS zone file in BIND on a Unix system
  • describe the function of web servers and Apache web server for Unix
  • install Apache web server on a Unix system
  • configure common Apache settings including virtual hosts and document root
  • verify an Apache installation and run a Unix web server
  • describe the features of Network File System and its use in Linux systems
  • describe the components of NFS
  • perform the basic configuration for NFS as a server
  • perform the basic configuration for NFS as a client
  • access a remote share using NFS
  • describe how Samba operates and its function in enabling file sharing between Windows and Unix machines
  • install the Samba service
  • perform the basic configuration for Samba
  • share resources on a Samba server
  • access shares between Windows and Unix using Samba
  • mange networks using Unix
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