Advanced Customization with MS Project 2007

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With Microsoft Office Project 2007, project managers can define how project data is recorded, reported, and displayed, using customizable, built-in templates. They can also customize the interface by adding or removing tools from the application’s default toolbars. And before project data is distributed, a project manager can format fields and views to meet particular needs. Additionally, if you need to modify information associated with tasks and resources, create custom tables, or create a work breakdown structure, Project 2007 provides a flexible, all-encompassing solution. This course outlines the basics of customizing Microsoft Office Project 2007, and also provides insights into some of the advanced customization features.

Target Audience
Business managers, project managers, planners, and team members wishing to gain advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007; candidates for the Microsoft User Specialist certification; end users seeking competence in Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007.

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Lesson Objectives

Advanced Customization with MS Project 2007

  • modify the default settings in Project 2007
  • create a custom toolbar
  • customize the Project Global template
  • recognize the conditions for customizing the Enterprise Global template
  • save a project as a template
  • add a custom field in Project 2007
  • create a custom form
  • customize a toolbar
  • add a custom field
  • edit the Project Global template
  • add information to tasks
  • add custom information to resources
  • customize a table
  • recognize the uses of WBS codes
  • create a new WBS code
  • customize task information
  • create a custom table
  • create a WBS code
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