Project Data Management and Performance with MS Project 2007

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Project managers often share Project 2007 data with other applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. When importing and exporting information in this way, the information must first be sorted, filtered, and grouped to customize the information's appearance. Information also needs to be timely – actual work performed, actual start and finish dates, and actual costs must all be updated. This course outlines the basics of importing and exporting, sorting, filtering, and grouping information to meet a project's needs. It also discusses creating and sharing resource pools in a multi-project environment, how to manage the efficient use of limited resources to keep multiple projects on schedule, and how to create task dependencies across multiple projects.

Target Audience
Business managers, project managers, planners, and team members who want to track and manage project tasks, costs, and resources; candidates for Microsoft User Specialist certification; anyone wishing to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007; end users seeking competence in Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Project Data Management and Performance with MS Project 2007

  • import data into a project
  • import a task list into a project
  • export data from Project 2007
  • recognize the basic sorting options in Project 2007
  • perform an advanced sort in Project 2007
  • apply a filter in Project 2007
  • create a custom group
  • sort information in Project 2007
  • apply a filter in Project 2007
  • apply a group in Project 2007
  • update actual work for a project
  • update the actual start and finish dates for a task
  • update the actual and remaining duration for a task
  • update percentages for a task
  • recognize the purpose of Project 2007's Cost tables
  • update costs in Project 2007
  • set actual start and finish dates
  • set a project's actual duration
  • update costs for a project
  • create subprojects for a consolidated project
  • consolidate a project
  • recognize the different options for saving a consolidated project
  • view critical paths for subprojects in a consolidated project
  • share a project's resources in a resource pool
  • disable a resource pool
  • create an external dependency
  • update external dependencies
  • create a subproject in Project 2007
  • create a resource pool
  • create a consolidated project
  • create external dependencies
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