Queries and Reports in Access 2007

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Queries and reports are used in Access 2007 to convert data into useful information and are an essential part of any database application. Access 2007 has a Query Wizard which simplifies the process of formulating a query and provides various methods of creating reports to present summarized information easily and effectively. This course explores the use of the Query Wizard and demonstrates how to create or modify a query in Design view in order to achieve specific results. This course also covers Expression Builder, calculated fields, grouping options for displaying query results, and crosstab, unmatched, and duplicate queries. The use of the Report, Report Wizard, Blank Report, Report Design, and Label options are covered, as well as how to add and bind controls, group and sort data, and modify sections of a report.

Target Audience
End-users seeking to attain competency in Access 2007; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Specialist certification in the use of Microsoft Access 2007; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Professional certification; end-users seeking a basic IT certification such as ECDL/ ICDL, or an equivalent.

Familiarity with a Windows environment

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Lesson Objectives

Queries and Reports in Access 2007

  • create a simple query in design view
  • create a simple query using the Simple Query Wizard
  • modify a query in Access 2007
  • create an expression with the Expression Builder
  • use calculated fields and grouping in Access 2007
  • create a crosstab query in Access 2007
  • refine a crosstab query in Access 2007
  • find unmatched queries in Access 2007
  • find duplicate queries in Access 2007
  • create and run a query in design view
  • group a query by an aggregate function
  • change an aggregate value for a crosstab query
  • use the Find Unmatched Query wizard
  • create a basic report in Access 2007
  • add a control to an Access 2007 report
  • recognize how to modify Access 2007 reports
  • add a group and calculated summary to a report in Access 2007
  • create a report using the Report Wizard
  • add a control to a report and bind it to a field
  • add a grouping to an Access 2007 report
  • add a calculated summary to a group
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