Tracking and Reporting Progress with Project 2007

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Project stakeholders have a vested interest in the project's progress so information needs to be tracked, recorded, and reported. A project manager needs to decide on the information to be tracked, and how to track it. Microsoft Office Project 2007 helps a project manager by making this process easy. Baselines and interim plans, for example, create benchmarks for a project's progress. Built-in views and reports helps a project manager to assess a project's progress. Project managers also have the option to customize a new view or report. This course explores these features of Microsoft Office Project 2007 and how a project manager can use them to address a project's tracking and reporting needs.

Target Audience
Business managers, project managers, planners, and team members who want to track and manage project tasks, costs, and resources; candidates for Microsoft User Specialist certification; anyone wishing to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Project 2007; end users seeking competence in Microsoft Office Project 2007.

Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Office environments; a basic knowledge of standard project methodology is an advantage.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Tracking and Reporting Progress with Project 2007

  • create a baseline for a project
  • create an interim plan
  • clear a baseline
  • track project information for a task
  • use the correct task tracking method in a given scenario
  • recognize the functions of Project 2007's tracking tools
  • prepare a project for tracking
  • identify the tracking view to use in a given scenario
  • check the progress of a project
  • display progress lines
  • create a baseline for an entire project
  • prepare a project for tracking
  • track the progress of a project
  • identify the available reporting options in Project 2007
  • select a view in a given scenario
  • select a report in a given scenario
  • change the information in a view
  • change the appearance of the Gantt chart view
  • recognize the reasons for identifying the critical path
  • format a report for printing
  • set up and print a report or view
  • identify the print options available from the Print Current View wizard
  • use a filter to change a view
  • preview a report
  • set up and print a report
  • outline the steps and best practices for tracking and reporting on a project
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