Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating with Groove and Communicator

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Collaboration is at the heart of effective teamwork. When operating in traditional work structures, with all team members in one office location having regular face-to-face meetings, this collaboration was relatively easy. But work environments have changed. Offices are no longer confined to a room or a building and teams often comprise members in different countries, working in different time zones. Office 2007 facilitates collaboration with its Office Groove 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 applications. Groove brings small teams together in virtual 'workspaces', stored on each team member's desktop. All the files the team needs for collaboration are stored in these workspaces and are updated after each change whether the team member is online or offline. Office Communicator extends these capabilities by enabling those in different locations and time zones to communicate easily and quickly with a range of unified communication tools, including voice, video, and instant messaging. This course explores Groove 2007 and Communicator 2007 as collaborative software packages. It teaches how to create Groove workspaces, how to invite people to share that workspace, and how to connect with team members using chat or discussion boards. The concept of 'presence', which displays a team member's status, is explained in relation to Groove and Communicator. The course also introduces the benefits of an integrated Office system and demonstrates how to use Communicator for real-time collaboration.

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Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Office applications, Windows operating system, instant message software, and Internet Explorer

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Lesson Objectives

Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating with Groove and Communicator

  • create a shared workspace
  • invite team members to join a workspace
  • track important dates using the Calendar and schedule meetings with the Meetings Tool
  • use the discussion board
  • add files using the Files Tool and Sharepoint Files Tool
  • communicate with team members by sending messages
  • connect team members with workspace chat
  • create a shared workspace and invite participants to join
  • use collaboration tools |w
  • use an alert to link to an updated document and initiate a chat
  • send a Groove message
  • sign into Communicator and add contacts
  • identify how Communicator facilitates collaboration
  • customize your presence
  • send and receive instant messages
  • communicate using voice or video calls
  • add contacts to the Communicator 2007 window
  • use instant messaging to communicate with contacts
  • determine a contact's presence and initiate a communication
  • conduct an audio message
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