Microsoft Windows 8 - Configuring: User Accounts and Policies

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Computer and network access configuration is a major part of a network administrator's daily duties. The IT administrator must ensure that authentication and authorization schemes, user control access, and resource access are appropriately configured on computers in their networks. This course examines authentication and authorization in a Windows 8 operating system environment and the mechanics. The secure desktop is illustrated in detail, and the deployment and configuration of administrator and standard user UAC using local and domain group policy is also outlined. This course applies to objectives of the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 exam of the MCSA: Windows 8 designation. Please note this course is based on the original Windows 8 release. Skillsoft recommends visiting the vendor website to confirm exam requirements.

Target Audience
Anyone wishing to obtain knowledge on the Windows 8 operating system and candidates interested in pursuing the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 certification exam of the Microsoft MCSA: Windows 8 designation. This may also include established IT professionals who install, configure, maintain and support Microsoft Windows 8 client desktops, devices, and users within any size organization. Candidates who have general IT experience with working knowledge of Windows clients, the installation of client desktop operating systems, basic networking, security concepts, as well as Active Directory concepts.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Microsoft Windows 8 - Configuring: User Accounts and Policies

  • distinguish between examples of user rights and user permissions
  • match the security options policy to its description
  • determine the Microsoft account policy to configure in a given scenario
  • describe the characteristics of Credential Manager
  • describe the characteristics of Domain User Accounts
  • match the authentication methods with the considerations involved in their configuration
  • describe the characteristics of UAC in Windows 8
  • describe how to configure UAC
  • determine the appropriate options for configuring Group Policies in a given scenario
  • put the GPO setting processing sequence in order
  • describe how you can control how preferences are applied
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